Penjana Kekayaan

Penjana Kekayaan

Friday, October 8, 2010

Special Concert at my hometown

today im hangout with my frenz until 9.00 pm, we sit together, sing dis song together, drinking together, everything gether2. hahaha, when im wanna going back to my house, i need cross over Simpang Renggam Town, sudenly, im seeing a lot of canopy at along of the road, at traffic light, i c a big banner tell us about an Aidilfitri Concert by A.Halim, wow, dat is such a veteran artist, why he come to our hometown? why a developer take such an old artist to our hometown at 9.00pm? its very very ridiculous.:) sorry to developer at Simpang Renggam. this is my own opinion, u all should take a new artist for this concert, the concert totally suck. save budget for what? for own bussiness? ahaa, i dun think so, i hope a new sunshine will be shining over my hometown, we need someone who can take care all of us, age is not a gap between our community, need sleep. enjoy this video, im really dispointed about this thing. this concert belong to our father and grandfather and great grandfather only. hope u all can solve dis problem more efficient. learn from mistake. cheer.take it easy, this is my own opinion only, sorry to all.Salam.

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