Penjana Kekayaan

Penjana Kekayaan

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wedding Day

Today i got an invatation to make a bridal for a wedding ceremony at Kg Parit Haji Hashim, when im arrived at this house, im take a looked all over the house, in my opinion,the family in this house having a very-very good attitude, they make a hot tea for me and take an eyes along our team create a bridal, that is such a beautifull gift to us, the family in this house respect each other, eldest respect youngest, youngest respect kiddest, harmony family, hmmmm, for your information, Leader in this family is a GrandPa, late 80 years olds, oldest man :) but still strongest, im trying to make a conversation with him juz to know how he still strong, a simple answer, "if u have a very good heart, always smile, always laugh, u will never thinking to being oldest son" haahahaha :) pretty nice answer izzit?next question im trying to ask him " pappi, am u a playboy in your young time? same olds like me? hahaha, he answer very-very smoothly, they all crazy bout me, im never backstab wit u grandma, :) :P r u sure atok??????? hahaha, nway, im juz wanna try to make an english journal, if wrong, correct me, im trying to learning back english, hahaahah,last but not least, im hope all of our blogger frenz can help me to make my english back to normal same like 5years ago.

Feel tak?