Penjana Kekayaan

Penjana Kekayaan

Friday, December 10, 2010

Jom Settle Seksaan Nie..(malas tol aku)

What is your favorite game?urm, strategy kowt. company of heroes,dota anything strategy game
Favorite color: sure red n black... sume baju aku banyak warna nie :)
Least favorite color:kuning n pink. wtf mennnn..hahaha
Do you like to drive fast?of coz.! ak penah bawak toyota s.e ex bos aku aku kat highway 200km/h
Do you like thunderstorms? thunderstorm tue cam storm rider ke? minat2.haha
Do you eat the stems of broccoli? aku mane pandai stim2 nie..
What was your first car? kereta kecil warna merah
If you could have any job, what would it be? i wanna be Angkasawan n tinggal kat sane,aman jerk.
Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? siap kaki lagi ada nie hahh
What's under your bed?empty, ada debu2 cinta sket kowt.
What are your favorite sports to watch? football n buletin utama.
Single biggest intense pain?  bila esok nak exam!
The best places you have ever been? mane ea, sume tempat same jerk.. best time nek rolle coster. yuhuuu!! best gilaaa
Hamburgers or hot dogs? mee goreng mamak ngan milo panas, pehhh...
What is your occupation? teka r, ko kan komputer, tue pown tak tau..
What was the last thing you ate? sate daging satu cucuk jerk. :P silap2 mee goreng.
Do you wish on stars?aku kan superstar, rileks lah
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? cuba lah bagi colour air ke,hair colour, crayon,uhh.
Last incoming call on your cell phone?misscall num office mane tah...
Last outgoing call on your cell phone? 122, check balance?
What's your favorite restaurant?banyak, tapi aku more prefer kedai yg ada karaoke lah, lagipun suara anugerah tuhan nie xkan nak simpan lak
Favorite food? masakan yg aku wat sendirik, sume lazat-lazat dan enak belaka gitue..
Britney Spears is a skank--agree or disagree? agreement ape nie?
What type of music do you dislike most? depend ngan mood, normally soft rock music n mostly country genre, feel berammbu rambaa

oi, ak dah boring dah nie...
What was the last thing you bought? t-shirt kat bundle depan sane tue
Do you take illegal drugs? xpenah air daun kethum penah r, sumpah xnak lagi.hahaha
Does someone have a crush on you? no comment
Do you really know all the words to the national anthem? of coz, Negaraku!!!
Favorite drink? fruit juice =)
Favorite alcoholic drink?nescafe tarik
Do you believe in love at first sight? never ever.
Where were you for Valentine's Day?xbaik, nie time sambutan kematian paderi, xbleh xbleh, haram.(aku suci okie)..
What's your favorite animal? sume animal sayang aku
What do you think about most?tgk line no 4 kat atas.
Do you like to play in the rain? aw.. sejuk... xselesa lahh. hahaha..
Are you a risk taker?life is about risk dude, if u dare, u take it. 
Have you ever been to jail? never ever!!
How many states have you lived in?Johor and Kuala Lumpur
Do you wear contacts or glasses? mata aku nie sihat walafiat, tgk org leh tembus.
Hugs or kisses? terajang
Living arrangements? ak dah penat
Who is your best friend(s)? korang semua!!
What do you sleep in? hahahaha, mane leh gtau, adik aku jerk tau.ngengenge.
Biggest pet peeve? emmmmm...
I have low tolerance for people who... some one in capitalist system, fuck u!!
Do you sleep with the TV on? not yet!
Do you have a TV in your bedroom? xd pown. xmampu
Are you good at keeping secrets? locked heart
How do you spell relief?please, ingat aku medic ke...
Parents still together? my mum was pass away dude(al-fatihah)
Can you handle the truth? Yess of course...i prefer truth rather than lies.. =)
Current car? xd car, ada tenggiling ngan kaki nie hahh
Are you in love? yes with my life... =D
Hair color? pure black !! ensem gitue
What are you afraid of?emmmm, kucing lawannya??
Last time you cried? hahahaha, aku xpenah lah nangis, come on lahhh..
Friend you've had the longest? woaaah.....a lot wei =S
Best friends? there's already one Q like this up here...
Favorite car? A car is just a car.... i'm happy enough that i have a car...
Number of keys on your keyring? four.....!
Favorite day of the week? Friday of course...
Favorite shampoo? sunsilk pink. huahuahuahau. betul, wangi tau.
Day or night? better night kot
Best advice you've ever received? never giveup, never surrender
Favorite type of music? country..
Your biggest weakness? cant accept my foul. ahaaa, :P
Biggest fear? losing my loved ones of course....
Are you close to your parents? of course =D
Do you swear? used too like A LOT!...but now no more... =)
Favorite song at the moment? Aretha Franklin - Respect
Read books?  ada buku ecilepse tebal alam tue atas meja
Vegetable you love/hate? I love veges....any veges, i would love it =)
Worst habits? spending too much time on the net...dammm

*In a boyfriend/girlfriend*
Personality? errr....hmmm...i dunno, fun? smart? not clingy(sorry i really can't stand it)...understanding? that's all i guesss..... i'm not perfect, so i dont expect one to be perfect.. =)
Style of clothing? anything as long as it's not slutty and la-la... haha
Do they have to be popular? nopee....
Kiss on the first date? well...that's for God to decide =)
Sex on the first date? ha! nooo! 

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ak berjaya siapkan!!

Feel tak?